ERISA - Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974

Have you or a loved one been disabled and needs to file for ERISA? The Law Firm of Kazmierczak & Kazmierczak has had many successful ERISA cases filed and benefits received to our client after they had trouble with their initial claim. We will help you with your filing, the appeals, and any necessary litigation to help you receive insurance company benefits.

File your initial claim correctly with the help of ERISA Claim Lawyers. Contact the Law Firm of Kazmierczak & Kazmierczak today.

If your health plan provides long term disability benefits then you are entitled to receive compensation for your long term condition. The Employee Income Retirement Security Act of 1974 protects you and has standards on how your plan is administered. Your health plan has an outline on the timeline for you to file for benefits, insurance obligations, and the explanation of procedures. In this outline, the law requires a timeline for a decision and tells you of your rights if you are denied. Get the help from an ERISA Lawyer to read and explain to you all your legal options to receive benefits.

The plan will state the requirements to receive long term disability benefits, the waiting period for enrollment, and age requirements. You have a certain amount of time to file! Get legal assistance today.

Did you know there are three types of claims? They are pre-service, urgent care and post-service claims. The type of claim will decide how quick the decision must be made. Basically the three types of claims are different degrees of severity. Usually it’s the physician whom deems if you need urgent care.

It is not uncommon for an insurance company to deny your claim. You will have to appeal! This is where you need our help to fight and show the proof of your disability. The appeal must be filed within 180 days after it is denied. Our Law Firm knows the disability laws and the timeframe's to ensure your claim is processed properly. Don’t appeal your decision alone, our ERISA Lawyers have experience with dealing and processing disability claims through tough insurance companies.

File your initial claim correctly with the help of ERISA Claim Lawyers. Contact the Law Firm of Kazmierczak & Kazmierczak today.

Summary for Filing a Claim

  • Verify your plan’s benefits
  • Waiting period after the claim is filed (72 hours to 45 days)
  • Claim is approved or denied
  • File an appeal within 180 days when denied
  • Appeals review (72 hours and 60 days)
  • Appeal will be approved or denied
  • If appeal is denied – you need legal representation

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