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McCain Gives up Disability Payments
Senator John McCain has forfeited his $28,000 annual Social Security disability payments because of the tough economic times that the country is trying to fight through.

Helping a Blind Woman Build a Future
Alexandra Matthew went blind at the age of four after she was viciously beaten by her parents and now lives off of monthly payments from Social Security disability.

Ex-Tribal Head of Wampanoag to Plead Guilty to Fraud
An ex-tribal leader is pleading guilty to violating campaign finance laws while he was working with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Who Qualifies for Social Security Disability?
Not everyone is eligible for social security disability benefits but those that are should know the proper process of filing for those benefits.

Enrollment Begins for Tax Relief
The annual enrollment for a tax relief program for senior citizens in Suffolk County has begun.

Getting Disability Application Fast-Tracked
There is a way for someone to have their Social Security disability claim sped up in the hearing process and have their case approved quicker than normal.

Visalia City Council to Consider Rent Control for Mobile Homes
The Visalia City Council is considering rent control for mobile homes and Thomas Alvarez just had his monthly payments of Social Security disability reduced.

DRS Wants Cool Jobs and Independence for Oklahomans with Disabilities
The new Director of the Department of Rehabilitation Services in Oklahoma is looking for cool jobs and independence for Oklahomans with disabilities.

Eyesight Disease Has Former Trucker Parked
Paul Desmond, a 42 year old former truck driver, had to leave his job because of his declining eyesight and is still waiting to be approved for Social Security disability.

Take another Look at the Watchdogs
A report from the United States House Oversight Committee claims that President Bush and his staff failed to implement thousands of recommendations.

Residents 'On Disability' Struck Hard by Downturn in the Economy
The struggling economy is causing people to have trouble paying their bills in the Southwest portion of the state of Florida.

Praise, Please for Center
Emily Maier has spent the past two years at the Montgomery County Assisted Living Services Center but if it closes she won’t be able to afford to live anywhere else.

Disability - an Overlooked Threat to Retirement
Not everyone understands that filing for Social Security disability can take away from a person’s retirement savings in the event of an unexpected accident or illness.

Too Sick to Work? Need Health Care? Take a Number
Shalonda Frederick and John McClain became too sick to work and began receiving Social Security disability checks.

Slow Pace of Social Security Cases Laid to Judges, Staffing
The slow pace of a few judges and an overwhelmed staff at Portland’s Social Security hearing office are some of the main reasons why people seeking disability.

Texas Congressman Calls for Examination of Social Security Fraud
Texas congressman Kevin Brady has called for a hearing on disability funds that have been paid to cheaters and wants to examine Social Security fraud.

Tucson Man Gets 7.5 Years in South Side Shooting
A Tucson man, receiving Social Security disability, has been sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for a South Side shooting that occurred at a bus station.

Man Accused of Posing as Veteran Held
A Lynn man spent three weeks in jail after he was arrested on Christmas Eve for posing as a veteran, collecting donations, and then spending the money on television.

Sun Readers Come Through for Needy Families
Readers of the Jackson Sun have provided a large amount of funds to a woman who had a heart transplant in 2004 and is struggling to make ends meet ever since then.

Needy Patient Faces Nursing Home Eviction
A Maryland nursing home patient is in danger of being evicted from the home because of an outstanding bill.

Boomer Facing Tough Social Security Choices
Not everyone knows when they should file for social security or for social security disability because of the current market and its instability.

Americans with Disabilities Act Now Applies to More People
A new law went into effect on January 1, 2009 that broadens the spectrum of who can be covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Military Death and Disability Benefits Short Change Vet Families
It is becoming an increasing problem within the United States today that Pentagon payments for death and disability for service personnel are far lower than private .....

Woman Going to Inauguration for Mother, Son
An adjudicator of Social Security disability cases for the Department of Human Services, is attending the inauguration of Barack Obama not just for herself.

You Have Just Been Denied Social Security - Now What?
Not everyone is approved for Social Security disability and if a person has their claim denied it can be appealed and heard again.

House Democrats Propose Tens of Billions in New Federal Programs
The House Appropriations Committee has proposed tens of billions of dollars in new federal programs and $500 million of that money will go to the Social Security Admin.

Benefits for Stay at Home, Non Working Spouses
It is not commonly known but both Social Security and Medicare provide benefits for stay at home spouses.

Former Ramapo Cop Stole $144G in Disability Benefits
A retired Ramapo police officer pled guilty to federal charges of stealing over $140,000 after he admitted to working as a security guard in Nyack schools.

Family Begins New Life after Deadly Fire
A family from Anderson, Indiana lost their two daughters during a deadly house fire on New Year’s Eve and is now trying to regain their normal lives.

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