Alaska Social Security Disability Attorney

When a person is injured and can no longer work because of that injury, people sometimes take Social Security Disability benefits for granted. They just assume that they’ll be receiving benefits no matter what. However, that is simply not the case. While some Social Security Disability claims are granted immediately, many cases have to be heard by an administrative law judge. A person who goes into an SSD hearing in Alaska without the help of an Alaska Social Security Disability attorney may end up losing out on benefits.

When the situation is as tight as it often is after a serious injury, you can’t afford to waste time by being denied benefits from Social Security Disability. Retaining the services of an Alaska Social Security Disability attorney will greatly reduce chances of denial. An attorney will acquire your SSD file and get to work obtaining medical records and support statements from physicians and other medical professionals.

While a person could theoretically do this himself or herself, medical records are not always freely accessible by patients. Furthermore, people inexperienced in disability hearings simply may not know the right questions to ask. Why risk getting the wrong information, or not enough information? An Alaska Social Security Disability attorney will know exactly what is needed to win your SSD case.

Perhaps the most important element of representation by an Alaska Social Security Disability attorney is their role in your hearing. Claimants who show up to hearings without representation will be given time to review their file at the hearing location. There’s little chance of the claimant developing a thorough understanding of these thick files in such a short period of time – they consist of complex medical records that are difficult to parse. An SSD attorney has the skills needed to understand and argue your case so that you can win disability benefits.