Arizona Social Security Disability Attorney

Statistics show that up to 66% of Social Security Disability claims are rejected on their initial receipt. If you’ve been counting on the financial assistance provided by disability benefits, that may be disheartening news. You needn’t worry too much, however, as it is entirely possible and recommended to appeal that decisions. This generally means that you’ll have to go before an administrative law judge for a hearing of your claim. That’s when it may be very beneficial to consult an Arizona Social Security Disability attorney to represent you.

You may not feel that you need a lawyer for this type of hearing. After all, if you are injured an unable to work, disability seems like a foregone conclusion. However, disability is not at all guaranteed. Many people go to their SSD hearing without representation and find themselves entirely unprepared for it. These people may simply be unaware of the level of preparation needed. An Arizona Social Security Disability attorney knows exactly what to do to prepare for these hearings.

Even if a person is aware of what they need to do to be ready for a hearing, the actual process can still be intimidating. Many people are not prepared to represent themselves in a court of law, even if it’s not criminal court. They may find themselves not addressing the administrative law judge appropriately, being unable to respond to questions or the testimony of expert witnesses. An experienced Arizona Social Security Disability attorney will have dealt with these cases countless times and knows exactly how to represent your case.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you are automatically entitled to SSD benefits. It’s a very serious and intricate procedure. While hiring a lawyer may seem like an expensive proposition, not gaining any benefits is a far worse outcome. Hire an Arizona Social Security Disability attorney and greatly improve your chances of winning benefits.