Arkansas Social Security Disability Attorney

If you’ve recently suffered an injury that has left you disabled and unable to work, you may be surprised to hear that as much as 70% of initial claims for disability benefits are denied. That can be a scary thought if you’re now stuck with no income and no way to work to earn money. Fortunately, the chances of winning benefits are much higher on appeal – but an appeal requires a hearing before an administrative law judge. This can be an intimidating proceeding and many people find it’s a wise idea to seek representation from an Arkansas Social Security Disability attorney.

You may wonder why you should bother hiring an Arkansas Social Security Disability attorney. You may think that it’s something akin to a traffic court hearing and may feel that representation is unnecessary. While the truth is that an attorney isn’t required, one is highly recommended for a number of reasons. There is a huge amount of preparatory work that must be done before a Social Security Disability hearing.

For example, an Arkansas Social Security Disability attorney will read through your Social Security file – which can be as thick as three inches. These files are filled with complicated medical records that will be difficult for someone with no experience to understand. On top of that, an attorney can get statements from medical professionals who have worked on your case, as well as detailed medical records. These things can be difficult for the average person to obtain.

The most important aspect of legal representation may be having the Arkansas Social Security Disability attorney with you during the hearing. The attorney will now how to properly interact with the administrative law judge hearing your case and any expert witnesses who are involved. Having an attorney to handle this part of your SSD case will greatly enhance your chances of winning benefits.