Colorado Social Security Disability Attorney

After suffering an injury or illness that has left you disabled and unable to work in the state of Colorado, you may wonder how to go about acquiring Social Security Benefits. Legal representation might be the furthest thing from your mind, but you should start to think about a Colorado Social Security Disability attorney immediately. This is because the majority of disability claims are initially denied. When this happens, you’ll have to make an appeal, which means going before an administrative law judge. This is a more in depth procedure than many people realize.

Preparation for a Social Security Disability hearing needs to be fairly intensive if one wants to improve their chances of winning. Most people, when presented with their SSD file, would be intimidated. After all, the average person doesn’t know how to read intensive medical documentation. This is just one example of a strong reason to retain a Colorado Social Security Disability attorney. An attorney will be familiar with how to read and analyze these documents.

In addition, an SSD attorney will be familiar with the SSA impairment listing manual, as well as the medical-vocational “grid” under which Social Security Disability is adjudicated. There are fairly complex and integral elements of any disability hearing that most people simply don’t know much about.

Another aspect of your disability case that a Colorado Social Security Benefits attorney can assist you with is during the hearing itself. At this stage, the attorney will be able to represent your case in a professional manner, presenting complex issues and answering complicated questions from the administrative law judge. Your disability case is something that should be taken seriously – and if you don’t, the judge might not either. Representation is the easiest way to show that you are giving the system the respect it deserves.