Connecticut Social Security Disability Attorney

If you are a resident of Connecticut who has suffered an injury or illness that prevents you from working, you are likely looking to start receiving disability payments. Needless to say, this isn’t an automatic process – in fact it is much more complicated than many people imagine. While in some cases, receiving benefits is as simple as just applying for them, most of the time this is not the way it works. If your initial claim is denied, you’ll need to appeal. This means you’ll have to attend a hearing and have your case heard by an administrative law judge. When it comes to that step, it’s a wise idea to get in touch with a Connecticut Social Security Disability attorney.

Some people might hire a Connecticut Social Security Disability attorney because they feel it will speed up the process. This isn’t a good reason to seek legal help, however – most of the time there is little a lawyer can do to cut through the red tape. Where a lawyer can help you, however, is in the preparation before the hearing and representation at the hearing itself.

In terms of preparation, a Connecticut Social Security Disability attorney may have access to a lot of resources that the average person does not. For one, the attorney will have experience in reading medical records, which the bulk of the preparatory work involves. Beyond that, an attorney can even obtain some medical records that the average person cannot attain at all.

Once the actual hearing begins, you will see just how useful it is to have a Connecticut Social Security Disability attorney on your side. Many people who attempt to represent themselves find that they don’t have the skills to interact with the administrative law judge and expert witnesses appropriately. An attorney will have experience and training in dealing with legal professionals and be able to represent your interests better than you are likely able to.