Delaware Social Security Disability Attorney

If you have recently filed for Social Security Disability benefits in Delaware, there’s a strong chance that your claim will be denied. That’s no reason to worry, however – as this happens to most people who have been injured or otherwise disabled. What happens next is that you must make an appeal to the SSA, and then you will be required to go before an administrative law judge for a disability hearing. Make no mistake – this is not something simple like a traffic court hearing. You’ll want to contact a Delaware Social Security Disability lawyer.

Not acquiring legal counsel for a disability case can be a huge mistake. If you aren’t well versed in reading intensive medical documentation, you may have a difficult time reading through the thick files related to an SSD case. You will also want to have statements and files from the medical professionals who you have previously dealt with. Without an attorney, some of this information may be nearly impossible to obtain. In addition, proving your case requires a working knowledge of the “grid” that the SSA uses to determine disabilities that are eligible for benefits.

Most people simply do not have the expertise to represent themselves in disability cases. A Delaware Social Security Disability attorney will have the knowledge and skills to not only help you prepare for a hearing, but to represent you during the hearing too. While you don’t need to be an ace attorney to speak with a judge, there are nuances of any legal proceeding that most people don’t understand.

Disability hearings aren’t “open and shut” cases. There is a significant chance that you won’t win any benefits if you aren’t prepared for the hearing. Hiring a Delaware Social Security Disability attorney is the best way to be prepared and win the disability benefits that you need.